Despite the critical role they play in our lives by allowing us to transfer insurable risks to them, Life Insurance companies in India have long been notorious for promoting their offerings in ways that are opaque, to say the least. This is evidenced by the fact that only around 30% of all policies go on to persist beyond their fifth year in our country – a number that is worrying for all stakeholders in the industry. Here’s a compilation of the top three most misleading insurance marketing communications that are doing the round these days. As they say in Life Insurance parlance – “Caveat Emptor” or “Let the Buyer Beware!”

“Get a Pension of 30,000 per month and Get Rs. 60 Lacs for your family by investing Rs. 3,000 per month and save tax”

Misleading because: it leaves out critical details such as the time horizon of the investment, and

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