4 Things to Consider Before Starting SMS Marketing for Your Business
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Before web-based and mobile messaging apps took center stage in digital communication, short message service (SMS) was the most convenient way to send messages.

Texting has maintained its relevance among over 4 billion people worldwide registers a 45 percent response rate with smartphone users checking and responding to most of the text messages that pop into their inbox. Further, 75% of consumers like to have offers sent to them via text.

With these in mind, SMS is definitely a powerful tool that your business can use to promote your products and services to customers.

SMS Marketing 101
SMS marketing is a type of marketing that uses text as a channel to share promotional content to existing and prospective customers. It involves using a web-based software that

Article source: http://customerthink.com/4-things-to-consider-before-starting-sms-marketing-for-your-business/

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