Burst SMS - 5 Free SMS Tools

Here are 5 quick and easy tools that will help optimise your SMS campaigns. More importantly, they’re free. Everyone loves something free that adds tons of value to their lives right?

1) SMS Ideabook

Burst SMS - Ideabook

If you’re not sure which SMS tool you should be using, have a quick scroll through this SMS Ideabook. It highlights 14 popular SMS solutions, along with a visual example of how to use each one. There’s also a link to read more about each solution.

2) Headline Optimiser

SMS marketing revolves around a catchy headline. Often the time, people feel the need to overcomplicate this. If you’re struggling to write a strong headline that you’re happy with, try using this simple

Article source: http://www.business2community.com/marketing/5-free-tools-help-enhance-sms-campaigns-01688529

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