Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs

While the traditional B2B mindset is rooted in established marketing strategies, there are some worth looking into that will help your cannabis business. Investors and entrepreneurs know this, and they’re constantly seeking the way to convert marketing into sales.

We’re going to explore five proven marketing strategies for we’ve B2B cannabis businesses.

1. Stop Selling And Start Teaching 

This may feel somewhat counterintuitive, but it’s a strategy for the long term. You see, when you focus exclusively on sales, you cannibalize your long term growth. A cannabis brand or service that only worries about the bottom line is one that will not grow.

When your cannabis business invests in reaching out and educating your customers, you create a trickle down effect. You will create advocated for your

Article source: http://communitynewspapers.com/cannabis/5-marketing-strategies-for-b2b-cannabis-businesses/

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