opinionThe following is an exclusive guest contributed post from John Thies, CEO Co-founder of Email on Acid.

Retailers and marketers worth their salt know that an effective marketing campaign is essential for making the most of the Christmas shopping season. If you can’t attract eyes to your brand, then you’re going to seriously miss out on the single most profitable time of the year.

Marketing customized to your brand and personalized to your customers is a must in our modern, online-enabled world. Since it’s about that time to start building your campaigns for the holidays, we’ve put together a short list of online tools you can use to create unique and laser-focused marketing.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular web analytics suite. (Would you expect anything less from a tool bearing the Google name? It gives you tons of insight into

Article source: http://mobilemarketingwatch.com/5-tools-for-personalizing-and-customizing-your-marketing-this-holiday-season-69055/

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