By this point, we can all take a deep breath. The biggest consumer shopping season of the year is over. According to NRF, the 2016 holidays turned out slightly better than predictions.

Holiday retail sales during November and December increased 4% from the 2015 season to a grand total of $658.3 billion in 2016.

A few more key holiday wrap-up points from this NRF post:

  • The biggest shopping day of the holiday season was not Black Friday. Instead, it was December 17.
  • The 156 million shoppers expected for Super Saturday exceeded the 154 million estimated for Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Consumers are making the holiday shopping season longer. 12% said they wouldn’t buy their last gift until December 23, and nearly half planned to shop the week after Christmas.

We all know retail marketers plan the next holiday season year-round, so now it’s

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