Springbig SMS Messaging for Dispensaries

Many cannabis companies are prohibited by law from using billboard, television, and radio to advertise their businesses. Digital advertising options are limited, as well, because big platforms like Facebook and Google disallow cannabis ads.

Springbig offers an alternative: SMS messaging targeted to specific audiences. “SMS is the most effective marketing vehicle dispensaries have,” said Jeffrey Harris, the company’s chief executive officer.

“Our mission is to help dispensaries get into the smartphone of the customer.” — Springbig CEO Jeffrey Harris

Founded in 2013, Springbig initially focused on mainstream industries, but that experience allowed the company to “get the kinks out” of a new marketing platform.

Prohibited Vape

Harris works with approximately 140 dispensaries to market directly to their

Article source: https://mgretailer.com/advertising-where-it-counts-for-marijuana-dispensaries/

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