Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – October 26, 2017 – Part of the BRIC economy, Brazil has a bright scenario in store when it comes to digital marketing and advertising services. Agência IMMA, an internet marketing agency (Agência de marketing na internet), is showing the way on how to capitalize on the country’s growing population of smartphone users and increasing spending in digital ads.

Digital marketing in Brazil is expected to grow substantially, and the numbers reveal the story quite accurately. In 2016, a good 9.3 million had a mobile connection, and 54 percent households had an internet connection. The market for digital advertising too shows a rosy picture, and its expansion has been pegged at 20 percent in 2013, with a total size of $2.49 billion by the year end.

In the Latin American market as a whole, Brazil users also spend more money in digital advertising, even exceeding the

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