While airlines look for new ways to extend their customer service through bots and social media messaging platforms, Hawaiian Airlines has opted for two-way SMS to make the service accessible to more of its passengers.

Hawaiian worked with cloud-based mobile and online business messaging solutions provider, LivePerson to set up the service.

The advantage to SMS text messaging is that it is already included with every mobile phone and doesn’t require that travellers set up a new app or add a new social media profile.

They also benefit from SMS message records, which can keep a thread of the full history of conversations with customer service agents, visible to both parties.

Tracy Behler, senior director, online experience at Hawaiian Airlines says the service has proven popular.

“There’s no learning curve..as guests saw the option, they embraced messaging.

“The number of conversations occurring through messaging exceeded our original projections since we implemented it in May,

Article source: https://www.tnooz.com/article/airlines-customer-service-sms-human-ai/

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