Birdchain is building a global decentralized SMS marketing platform using blockchain technology.

The company is working on a mobile application that will sell unused regular people’s SMSs to businesses. Anyone with a phone will be able to download the Birdchain app, allow to sell their unused SMSs to local businesses, and receive payment for every SMS message sent from their phone.

“A new blockchain adaptation will allow monthly passive earnings of US$30-300 for almost everybody,” Birdchain said.

Companies see a great value in SMS messaging to reach people. They are using SMS for direct marketing, password delivery, transactional notifications and even 2-way authentication.

“People do not send SMS anymore, everybody uses instant messaging apps. However, at the same time businesses pay top dollar for every single SMS message. We are developing a solution which will be useful for both parties. People will get paid for selling something they do not need while businesses will get better service and pay less,” Birdchain

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