DENVER, Oct. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – CannaSys, Inc. (OTC QB: MJTK) (“CannaSys”), a marketing, branding, and technology company, today announced its metrics from its first nationally distributed marketing campaign for Sträva’s CBD infused coffee through the Citizen Toke platform.

During this Beta period before full release of the Citizen Toke platform to the industry, CannaSys has been working with companies on a smaller scale to test the viability of the platform in not only generating new revenues, but also, and primarily, in helping brands, products, and retailers to gain new customers.

The most recent campaign was with Sträva Craft Coffee Inc. of Denver, Colorado. The blast was sent to 298 people all across the country, though primarily in Colorado. Of these messages sent, 72 users replied to save the deal. Of these 72 users that replied, 11 customers completed the entire purchase process, netting Sträva just under $300

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