Dear parents, I’m writing you because you might be in the dark about the amount of unhealthy food-and-beverage marketing your children and teens are viewing.

This isn’t your fault. It’s our reality. We’ve let food-and-beverage companies have a huge influence on our children.

Twenty-five years ago, a parent might be expected to control most, if not all, advertising their child was exposed to on TV and at the grocery store. Today, for even the most conscientious parents, it’s impossible to monitor — or even recognize — the immense amount of food-and-beverage marketing directed at kids.

They’re targeted by unhealthy food-and-beverage advertising on television, radio, in print, on billboards, in video games and movies, through product placement, and through sponsorship of events and teams. The ads frequently use celebrity endorsements, spokes-characters and licensed characters to appeal further to children. Kids are also targeted where they gather, such as in arenas and recreation centres —

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