Advertisers need to retain their humanity amid the plethora of mobile technology available to them in reaching their audiences, said Lucy Brindley, APAC senior mobile sales specialist for marketing cloud at Salesforce.

Speaking to Campaign Asia-Pacific in Singapore, Brindley said experience is top of consumers’ agendas in mobile advertising right now, but some brands are still behind.

“What I keep on seeing is a slight disconnect still around going through the process of saying ‘we ought to be doing mobile marketing, we’ve got an app’, but not really thinking clearly about strategy with a human element,” she explained.

Brindley said brands and agencies “need to take their mobile marketing hat off sometimes” and examine the experiences they enjoy as consumers with brands on mobile.

“It’s down to brands to provide that experience of old, when you walk into your local shop, and they know your name, your favourite item, and they give you great

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