Richard Tumusiime, Marketer.

The use of statistics is important not only for general planning but also marketing purposes. In marketing, we rely on statistics (market research) to segment, target and position the product offer in the market.

Organisations generate their own statistics but most of them rely on other bodies like the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Bank of Uganda (BOU), Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), among others. It is, therefore, paramount that when statistics are published by the various responsible bodies, the users analyse and appreciate whether such figures mean anything to them.

 I checked the figures related to the number of deposit accounts held by Ugandans and non Ugandans alike in the various supervised financial institutions (SFIs) operating in Uganda. I also looked at the figures as reported by the Uganda Communications Commission regarding mobile phone penetration in Uganda. But first, let me talk about the deposit accounts.

According to the ‘Status of

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