Digital Diner Seats over 25,000 Customers at the Busy Bee Cafe

Reston, VA  (Restaurant News Release)  A huge milestone has been hit for the Busy Bee Cafe using Digital Diner by Waitbusters Dining.  Since they began using the software in the fall, 2017, The Busy Bee Café in Atlanta, GA, has seated over 25,000 customers.

The Busy Bee’s Chief Operations Officer, Jennifer Smash, could not be more pleased with the software’s performance.  “Digital Diner has exceeded our expectations in terms of ease of use and customer satisfaction.  The software was so easy to incorporate and our patrons could not be more thrilled to not be tethered to a buzzer or stuck inside a small lobby.  We are also seeing an increase in customer retention and new customers because no one is turned off by

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