Arla Foods’ has become the latest food manufacturer to join the EU Pledge – an initiative that promotes responsible food marketing to children that already boasts Nestlé, Unilever, Mondelez, Mars and Coca-Cola among its members. But with the Danish dairy firm joining the ranks, is the voluntary commitment making as much of an impact as it set out to do back in 2007?

And how has the EU Pledge responded to the advent of social media, online game advertising and in particular past criticism by organisations such as consumer rights group BEUC, who have described its developments as “patchy” and “too restrictive to effectively protect children from the harmful effects of marketing”

“The pledge is a dynamic commitment,” explained Will Gilroy, director of Communications at the World Federation of Advertisers (WFANET).

“While we don’t have the resources to measure the impact of social media and online games, we are able to collect data sets that are

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