“Marketers and brands can benefit greatly from streamlining and automating their marketing campaigns. Automation not only lightens the workload on your marketing team, thereby enabling more time for you to scrutinise reports and deliver better-targeted campaigns as a result, but it holds benefits for customers too,” says Vera Romano, head of online at Everlytic.

Marketing automation makes email and SMS marketing processes efficient and effective as it involves the setting up of default reply emails, drip-campaigns, and automated messages; for example, birthday messages.

According to MarketingSherpa, the average open rate for welcome emails is 50%, making them 86% more effective than email newsletters. “Marketing automation starts with a solid foundation. Automated welcome emails that are triggered when someone subscribes to your newsletter should be a given and one of the first steps in an email marketing strategy,” she says.

According to ClickZ, birthday emails can result in a 30% increase in opens

Article source: https://www.mediaupdate.co.za/marketing/141232/everlytic-releases-a-guide-to-marketing-automation

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