Email spam has been a huge problem since the beginning of the Internet. However, text message spam is just as bad, even if it doesn’t get us much attention.

According to studies from 2013, about 72% of Americans have received text message spam. Anecdotal reports suggest that this figure is even higher today.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced that it is taking new aggressive action to curb SMS spam.

The new rules will make it more difficult for scammers to use spoofed phone numbers to prey on vulnerable people.

One major problem with spoof phone numbers is that it becomes very difficult for people to file complaints. It’s very difficult for regulators to trace these numbers, especially if the scammers use voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) phones.

Limits of the FCC’s New Initiative

The FCC may find ways to stop spoofing and limit annoying SMS spam, but there are clear limits to their

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