Consumer preference for accessing content through mobile devices is now almost universal. Business buyers are not far behind, using their devices to research their needs and identify further sources of information, potential vendors, and service providers.

In fact, B2B mobile usage is intensifying throughout the entire buying cycle. According to a Google and Millward Brown Digital study of 3,000 B2B decision-makers about their research and purchase habits:

  • 42% of researchers use a mobile device during their purchasing process.
  • Search activity for those using a smartphone has intensified.
  • B2B researchers aren’t just using mobile devices when they are out of the office; 49% of those who use their mobile devices for research—comparing prices, reading about products, comparing feature sets—do so while at work.

Companies can respond to these opportunities by infusing “mobile experiences” that span marketing, customer service, e-commerce, and IT functions so that the

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