In 2007, Todd Matherne hit rock bottom. Arrested for selling steroids, Matherne was given a seven-year sentence, even though he was a first-time offender. But what changes a decade has wrought since then.

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Today, Matherne is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Extreme SMS, a text-message marketing platform that connects companies directly with customers and generates six-figures in monthly revenue.

Matherne’s digital-marketing mission has always been straightforward: Help companies generate leads. His path as to entrepreneurial success, however, has certainly been unconventional. His journey, in fact, is a powerful reminder that we can create our own success even in the most challenging of circumstances. As Matherne himself ikes to say, “Our success stems from the success of those we help along the way.”

From inmate to entrepreneur

Before Matherne went to jail, he focused on what he didn’t have in life: money. Struggling

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