On Saturday, Australians were bombarded with unsolicited text messages from a phone user titled YesEquality which read: “The Marriage Equality Survey forms have arrived! Help make history and vote YES for a fairer Australia. VoteYes.org.au.”

Recipients who attempted to respond to the address received an error message.

Many shared the messages on social media, complaining about the invasion of privacy and asking how their mobile phone numbers came to be in the Australian Marriage Equality database.

“How did you get my number?” one user asked. “Is this legal? I have never received political txt messages before, I am not happy, this goes against my values and you have not respected my privacy.”

AME claims the numbers were randomly generated by a “technology platform” used by political parties during election campaigns for years. AME co-chair Alex Greenwich said on Saturday the campaign was “using every resource available”.

“This weekend thousands of Australians volunteered

Article source: http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/media/ive-never-heard-of-that-product-samesex-marriage-sms-campaigns-random-number-generator-questioned/news-story/ada9fe38ceb2e0e2fa2cd9b83867f5e8

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