About a month ago, Google announced a new addition to its AdWords platform: the click-to-message ad extension. After some regional testing, Google recently rolled this functionality out across the globe. Advertisers can now place a small button below their ad that, once clicked, will trigger an SMS straight to a mobile telephone number. This new feature aligns itself with the ever-more-mobile trend Google has been following over the last few years.

What made Google introduce messaging ads?

In Google’s initial statement, they mention 65% of consumers said they would consider using messaging to connect with a business to find information about a service or product.

Recently, the 2016 Mobile Messaging Report showed 63.9% of consumers want business to be contactable and available on messaging apps. Facebook’s IQ research also shows 67% of consumers expect to message businesses more over the next two years.

As the data shows, consumers

Article source: http://venturebeat.com/2016/11/19/googles-click-to-message-introduces-mobile-messaging-to-businesses/

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