What does mobile messaging mean for business in 2017? It is literally everything in the era when we use different kinds of tools to keep up with our mobile lifestyles. Making professional communication and customer-oriented communication better will benefit your business performance. But how do you keep SMS advertising and notification up to date and secure, when you have a big company and a lot of stuff to do?

What Intis Telecom advises is using only one program to take care of everything from monitoring, analyzing and fulfilling SMS-email campaigns. This means you will not have to install and download additional apps to build your SMS advertising campaigns for the whole database of your customers and partners.

Working worldwide, Intistelecom is a mass texting service platform, ensures that the company’s mobile messaging performance is processed properly. So, it helps to change customer communication from one of the biggest challenges

Article source: http://cyprus-mail.com/2017/12/08/group-sms-texting-industries-departments/

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