‘The State of SMS’ is a report published yesterday that explores the ways in which the hospitality industry can benefit from the developments that are being made in mobile marketing. It has been found that the number of active mobile phones in circulation has broken the 80 million for the first time. For the hospitality industry, the increase in mobile phones in circulation means that they will see a 29% increase in customers that are opting to receive text messages from their preferred brands by the end of 2020.


Textlocal has commissioned a White Paper that demonstrated 37,2 million consumers have chosen to receive SMS and mobile communications from businesses. Textlocal, one of the leading SMS platforms in the UK has seen that in the hospitality sector, there are already more than 10.3 million customers who have opted to receive texts in regards to reservations, promotions, or offers. It has

Article source: http://www.feastmagazine.org/food-news/hospitality/hospitality-sector-set-benefit-sms-marketing-13709

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