For many brands, augmented reality is expensive or technologically hard to pull off. That changed on Sept. 12, when Apple introduced iOS 11, which makes it easier and faster for developers to build AR into their apps. Brands including Wayfair and Patrón Tequila have taken advantage, introducing AR apps or adding AR features to their existing apps. The apps put virtual objects into the real world so users can envision the objects in their environment.

“[Apple has] accelerated the broad consumer move to AR,” said Marc Jensen, chief innovation officer at tile brand Cambria. “AR headsets and Hololens are expensive; they are never going to go mass market, but with Apple’s ARkit, millions of people have this in their hands now.”

Here’s how some brands are using ARKit:


In Ikea Place, users can choose from 2,000 3-D products, based on type of furniture or designer collections

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