At this point, it’s already a given why companies should invest in online marketing. To get a piece of the sales pie, brands need to have a digital marketing strategy in place.

Countless tactics, studies, and guides have been produced to date, all aiming to help companies better position themselves and stay competitive in today’s digital world.

Some companies are thriving. They’re getting more leads, closing more sales, and increasing their bottom line.

Still, others are lagging behind. This despite the massive efforts they put into search engine optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

What are they doing wrong?

The answer: conflicting strategies.

When you have SEO and content teams that don’t collaborate, social media and paid search departments that produce inconsistent messages, and marketers and sales programs that are misaligned – you have a recipe for disaster.

How to Succeed with a Cohesive SEO Content Strategy

Companies of all sizes – from SMBs to large enterprises – need a

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