With online holiday sales predicted to reach $91.6 billion in 2016 — an 11 percent jump from 2015 — e-commerce retailers are expected to enjoy more success than ever this season. But it also means the space is congested, with hundreds of thousands of brands trying to squeeze everything they can out of this flurry of consumer spending. To accomplish this, these retailers are exploring new tools, tactics and technologies to gain and keep a competitive edge.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of new tools to help retailers gain that edge, and leading the charge are two strategies in particular that have not only proven to be popular among e-commerce professionals but also highly effective: SMS and online negotiation. Whether for increasing engagement and time spent on a website or decreasing shopping cart abandonment and bounce rates,

Article source: http://www.twice.com/blog/executive-insight/how-e-tailers-can-leverage-negotiation-sms-marketing-holiday-season/63511

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