While channels such as web and email remain popular, there’s one communication channel that continues to spectacularly outperform every other channel when it comes to driving retail traffic with immediate engagement. That channel is sending a mobile text message via SMS.

Text messages having a 98% read rate, with 9 out of 10 text messages opened within 3 seconds of being received. On top of this, 29% of people targeted with SMS opt-in campaigns respond to the message, with 14% of people targeted making a purchase as a result of the original opt-in message.

According to research by Biz Report, approximately 49% of all customers surveyed were interested in giving out their information into an SMS marketing program, probably more than you would have expected. The single biggest reason why customers said they would opt-in was to receive coupons (29.9%). Other reasons included to receive information

Article source: https://www.vanillaplus.com/2017/06/20/28056-grow-text-message-opt-ins/

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