has been slapped with an £80,000 fine after watchdog the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found it guilty of sending millions of nuisance emails to customers.

The popular price comparison site sent 7.1 million emails over a 10-day period to update customers with new Terms Conditions, even though these recipients had opted out of direct marketing, the ICO said.

The firm apparently broke the law by asking its customers to consent to future marketing missives even though they had already opted out.

The key part of the offending email read as follows:

“We hold an e-mail address for you which means we could be sending you personalized news, products and promotions. You’ve told us in the past you prefer not to receive these. If you’d like to reconsider, simply click the following link to start receiving our e-mails.”

The law in question governing marketing missives is the Privacy and Electronic

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