Text Messaging

Even if you have email and social media customer engagement covered, you may be leaving out a highly effective and popular channel for sharing your message with the masses. That channel is SMS messages, or “short messaging service,” otherwise known as the good ole text. Ninety-eight percent of texts…

…are opened by the recipients, Techipedia says, with 83 percent of them opened within the first three minutes of being received. As long as you ensure your texts are relevant, on-target and useful to your audience, text marketing can come with a handful of benefits.

Generate New Leads

Texts can be used to capture leads and contact information, merging the new info with your existing contact list.

Send Out Reminders

Appointment reminders can be incredibly helpful when sent out as a text, and you can also use SMS for reminders for meetings, workshops and other

Article source: http://www.business2community.com/mobile-apps/keep-short-sweet-highly-effective-text-message-marketing-01778850

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