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The Consumer Insights Committee presented key takeaways from its newly released report March 1 during a SIMA Boot Camp. Photo: SIMA

SIMA held its first Boot Camp in several years Wednesday, March 1, to discuss its findings from the Consumer Insights Study, an in-depth look at the surf-inspired market based on data that was gathered in 2015.

Created with the help of SIMA Insight Committee board members and Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS), the 140-page report dives into consumer categories, reached by classifying consumers into four broad segments based on similar behaviors. This “cluster analysis” produced the “core influenced” consumer, the “affluent” consumer, the “fashionista,” and the “impulse” buyer.

SMS VP Keith Storey walked the group through key takeaways from each of these demographics and how each relates to the surf industry business as a whole.

“If a brand knows how and where

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