Leafbuyer, known as the leading cannabis deals network, drives business to dispensaries and product clients through their online platform. SpringBIG, an innovator in loyalty marketing technology, utilizes SMS, mobile applications, and other tools to encourage repeat business for small companies. Both parties praise the partnership as a natural fit that will provide immense value to current and future dispensary clients. “Dispensaries typically lack advanced sales and marketing tools to capture new customers and keep them returning that larger national retailers possess. This partnership between SpringBIG and Leafbuyer helps to level the playing field for the cannabis retail community,” – Jeffrey Harris, co-founder and CEO, SpringBIG.

Typical Leafbuyer consumers are searching for new medical or adult-use dispensaries based on reputation and attractive special offers, while SpringBIG operates in the realm of retention. “Given the challenges of marketing legal cannabis businesses, dispensaries are realizing the value of customer

Article source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/leafbuyer-technologies-announces-collaboration-with-loyalty-solutions-provider-springbig-634251523.html

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