Mobile messaging via text message has endured for three decades as a ubiquitous communications tool.  More recently a vast array of messaging alternatives such as chat apps, OTT messaging and the arrival of messaging based on the rich communication services standard, allow individuals to message each other in ever more sophisticated ways. The result is a fragmented messaging market and as a knock on effect mobile carriers and messaging service providers have seen peer-to-peer messaging revenues decline.    

Conversely the application-to-person (A2P) or enterprise messaging market continues to grow – analyst firm Ovum forecasts 1.28tn messages by 2019 up from 1.16tn in 2016.  

Enterprise messaging describes how businesses and brands use messaging to communicate to their customers for all manner of different reasons – be that marketing, account verification or commerce. SMS is still the preferred channel because it is simple, understood by consumers, doesn’t require a 4G

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