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Brands repeatedly invest in content creation for the sole purpose of SEO. This sometimes-myopic approach fails to generate journalistic content that can supercharge a company’s customer retention, reputation management, PR, and brand tone. Sure, great content can drive great SEO, but it can do so much more in support of product launches, refining brand personas, and driving sales at the same time.

With paid social farm-to-table journalistic capabilities, brands would be wise to create their own brand journalism platforms that serve as an SEO powerhouse weapon while fulfilling a myriad of marketing goals.

Brand Journo Strategy Breakdown

To execute a brand journalism strategy that meets strategic KPIs, marketers and SEOs need to get on the same page. Content is much more than keywords and simply “words on a page.” Content is one of the most powerful tools to enrich customers’ lives so they a.) notice your brand, and b.) stick

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