With the arrival of smartphones, the balance of power has shifted from marketers to consumers. It is the ‘Age of the Customer’ and today’s customers demand personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences. Having pioneered internet communications and the online marketing space for over 18 years, Netcore, a leading digital marketing company, has transformed its brand identity to reflect the seismic changes in the ever-changing marketing technology landscape.

To help their clients create customer delight and achieve their strategic business goals, Netcore had created India’s first and leading full-spectrum omnichannel marketing automation solution in 2015 that puts customer experience at the center of marketing strategy. This philosophy is captured in the company’s new tagline—‘Experience the Infinite’—and its new logo, which features the infinity symbol at its center.

Netcore's new logo and tagline via website

Netcore’s new logo and tagline via website

Given the industry expected growth estimates of

Article source: http://martechseries.com/sales-marketing/marketing-automation/netcore-recreates-its-brand-value-with-futuristic-technology/

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