Hasanullah, a 65-year-old surgery patient, was lounging in his hospital bed one afternoon when his peace was disturbed by a phone call.

The phone call was from his mobile operator and it was to inform him of the various offers the company was providing on data packages. Ruffled, the retired banker spoke very curtly to the operator’s representative.

“I get about ten text messages a day from my operator about their offers, so what was the point of calling me?”

Not that Hasanullah is happy to receive the unsolicited text messages from his operator as well as from third parties. Allegations run rife that the third parties somehow manage customers’ information from operators.

“Those marketing text messages distract me. They are of no use to me,” he added.

Hasanullah’s grievance is shared by a large section of mobile phone subscribers, who complain that important text messages get buried under the deluge of messages from the

Article source: http://www.thedailystar.net/business/nuisance-marketing-smss-1477618

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