No longer merely a ‘buzzword’, omnichannel has gained traction in a number of industries in recent years and is now a staple part of any marketer’s communication strategy.  However, its roll out into the business world hasn’t been the easiest and many brands are still struggling to make it a reality, writes Kevin Britt, Country Manager UK Ireland at Infobip

The benefits of omnichannel messaging are continuing to gain prominence for brands around the world. If implemented correctly, omnichannel can lead to greater customer satisfaction, increased brand visibility, and can also generate new routes for interaction with prospective and existing customers alike. In fact, new research by the Aberdeen Group recently found that companies with a strong omnichannel marketing strategy retained, on average, 89% of customers and saw a 9.5% year-on-year increase in annual revenue. Omnichannel evidently holds tremendous potential for growth.

There’s no doubt how, and why, it’s vital for

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