Onovative will be helping credit union marketers harness the power of free Google Tools at the 2017 CUNA Marketing Business Development Conference

LOUISVILLE, KY (March 27, 2017) — Onovative, maker of the all-in-one communication platform – Core iQ, will be providing credit union marketers with a framework for developing their own marketing campaigns using nothing but free tools from Google.

“There are plenty of tools for credit union marketers to use that will help them design and build custom marketing campaigns,” said Chris Hall, Head of Customer of Development at Onovative. “Some of the newer online options on the market are affordable, but most tools are expensive and possibly even cost prohibitive to some credit unions. We’ve come up with a way to use Google’s suite of online marketing tools to research and build custom campaigns that we’ll be sharing exclusively at the CUNA Marketing Business Development Conference.”

Various free tools

Article source: https://www.cuinsight.com/press-release/onovative-will-helping-credit-union-marketers-harness-power-free-google-tools-2017-cuna-marketing-business-development-conference

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