Browser wars are so last century. In a few weeks, we could see the next phase of the Messaging Wars.

That’s when Sprint is expected to enable the first US-based transactions over Rich Communications Services (RCS) on Android devices, 3C founder and CEO John Duffy told me. His mobile marketing development firm has been creating RCS projects.

RCS has had a bumpy history and rollout on its quest to become a universal complement to the text-only SMS and the video + image MMS.

The universal vision, laid out in a GSMA-backed Universal Profile, includes file sharing, location sharing, group chats, video calls, “hot buttons” with built-in actions, cards with graphics and QR codes, support for chatbots, transmission over WiFi and more. Here’s a visualization from 3C:

Two years ago, Google bought startup Jibe Mobile, which had been working on RCS with

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