RCS To Set a New Standard for Mobile Marketing

Among the many ways for marketers to reach customers today, text messaging is still fairly effective. Its drawback is the limit of what the text capabilities. But that is about to change as carriers shift to carriers to the new Rich Communications Services (RCS) standard.

In a recent DMN podcast, Mahi de Silva, cofounder and CEO of Botworx, brought up the problem of “banner blindness.” Standard ads don’t grab consumer attention, so brand seek “new engaging ways of connection with consumers.” Among the ways that they can their interactions “more sticky” is through the use of messaging services.

One of the ways that kind of sticky experience can happen outside the “walled garden” of a platform like Facebook’s is through RCS.  Brian Heikes, Vice

Article source: http://www.dmnews.com/mobile-marketing/rcs-to-set-a-new-standard-for-mobile-marketing/article/685521/

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