This function allows you to divide your email list into groups by age, interests, location, consumer needs, previous actions, and so on. Sending email campaigns for each segment improves the subscribers’ experience and produces positive effects on conversion. Marketers who use this feature see open rates increasing, a lower number of unsubscribed users, deliverability, and profit improvement.

When you save a particular segment in SendPulse you can use it in your future mailings. You don’t have to set the criteria of the segmentation from scratch every time.

Sending peronalized emails

Personalizing your emails is becoming more relevant. How is this function implemented in SendPulse? You can include subscribers’ details in the subject line, such as “Hey Julie, it’s your free trial link,” and in any part of the text in your email. It can be a name, city, age, date of birth, company’s name, position, and history of previous purchases. The more you

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