When SMS became commercially available in 1999 the prevailing atmosphere wasn’t one of elation as you might have expected, but trepidation, says Matthew Winters, CEO of Veoo.

Much like today, many individuals railed against the technology’s supposedly harmful effects, citing the damage it might wreak upon thousands of years of human communication; their concerns weren’t so far-fetched either, recent studies reveal that nowadays most teenagers use texting as their main method of sustaining and invigorating their social relationships.

Others however aren’t just scared of a decline in communication, but of its complete reversal. As texting has gained traction we’ve increased our inventiveness with it, resulting in fonts such as Emoji. Whilst some herald the two byte ideograms as the new height of communication, others see Emoji’s as society slowly back-pedalling towards hieroglyphs and symbols.

I would urge companies not to dismiss SMS as something that’s outdated and

Article source: https://www.vanillaplus.com/2017/08/04/29038-sms-rescue-ruin/

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