Key highlights:

  • SMS gains more traction from customers than other digital marketing mediums
  • Lack of personal messaging and more of business messaging a reason for higher conversion
  • More chance of targeting and finding out who opened the SMS

Do you wonder why you are being bombarded by text messages (SMS) by restaurants, shops, retailers, et al, every day? 

One word. ROI. 

SMS still gives advertisers more return on investment (ROI) or traction than even other digital marketing platforms.

Vishwadeep Bajaj, Founder-CEO of digital marketing company ValueFirst Digital said, “Although SMS has grown over the years and has been a popular choice, but off late people has started questioning whether the SMS will exist or not. Now what we started noticing is that that ROI for brands on SMS has started increasing.”

He said that when the tried to understand the reason why this was happening the found out that the lack of person to person (P2P) communication and SMS

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