Dirty Lemon is a direct-to-consumer beverage company that aims to challenge the retail landscape and disrupt the category by selling it’s line of products exclusively via text message, building a personalized relationship with each member of its rapidly-growing customer base. The Brooklyn-based company was founded in August 2015 by Zak Normandin and co-founder Sommer Carroll.

Currently Dirty Lemon offers three different wellness drinks featuring ingredients that have been well established in the naturopathic community. The current offering includes [Skin + Hair], [Detox] and [Sleep]. With a few texts, each is packaged up in six-bottle cases and shipped to customer’s doorstep for $65 apiece. The brand is planning to roll out more products later this year, with the agility to move quickly on new wellness trends and buzz-worthy ingredients.

Dirty Lemon

“When we founded Dirty Lemon, we both had a very simple goal: to merge a healthier beverage offering with a novel distribution strategy in a category

Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/viviennedecker/2017/01/26/forgoing-crowded-shelf-space-for-a-text-to-buy-retail-model-is-dirty-lemon-the-future-of-beverage/

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