In addition to SMS autoresponding capabilities, TextDeliver 2.0 offers extra bonuses.

Developers Mark Thompson and Cindy Donovan are happy to announce the release of the second edition of TextDeliver, an SMS marketing platform. The first incarnation of TextDeliver wowed online marketers with its SMS auto responding capabilities, but the revamped second version offers additional features to fully harness the marketing power of messages.

TextDeliver 2.0

One of the things that make TextDeliver 2.0 unique is its design for mobile use, freeing entrepreneurs from their laptops or desktops. The power to deliver messages to subscribers can be held right in a person’s hand with this cloud-based technology. Text messages are proven to be more likely to reach their intended target than emails, which can easily end up in Spam folders or the Trash without ever being seen. As Thompson and Donovan note, “it’s time to stop marketing like it’s

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