Mary English
General Manager for Hong Kong
International Customer Loyalty Programmes (ICLP)

Without data, brands are blind to their customers’ preferences, and therefore bereft of the insights needed to create successful loyalty programs. eMarketer’s Dustin Sodano spoke with Mary English, general manager for Hong Kong at International Customer Loyalty Programmes (ICLP), a loyalty agency whose clients include Estée Lauder, Cathay Pacific and Mandarin Oriental, about the data and other factors that make or break loyalty programs.

eMarketer: How does ICLP approach customer loyalty in today’s connected world?

Mary English: To have a successful loyalty program, brands must have a clear understanding of the customer profile, their spending behavior and preferences, and the customer journey. We all know that “earn and burn” loyalty programs and plastic cards are going away. You need to have strategic partners to keep loyalty programs fresh and innovative.

It’s also not just about marketing channels,

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