Back in June, I was at a conference where I saw Carolyn Coyne, global creative strategist at Facebook, talk about video. She revealed that users watch Facebook videos for only 5.7 seconds on average. And 75 percent of those views come from mobile. Basically, marketers have about a GIF-length amount of time to connect with an audience before they’re already on to the next thing.

Understandably, brands have gotten skeptical of that model. Short attention spans and the closed ecosystems of social media giants dilute the relationship between brands and customers.

Your social content isn’t only competing with family photos, memes, news updates and every other brand — it’s competing with algorithms that are coded and maintained in a black box.

That’s why many marketers struggle to measure social media ROI. Meanwhile, TrackMaven research showed that content marketing output in 2015 rose by 35

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