After about eight years building up a solid business as a third-party notifications provider, now sending more than 2 billion notifications a day, Urban Airship is moving beyond mobile. Its new Digital Growth Platform allows marketers to reach customers with notifications on any interface, from mobile wallets and SMS to email and IoT devices.

From a single interface, the Digital Growth Platform allows marketers exploit their entire digital marketing stack to coordinate personalized and interactive notifications. The platform will help businesses engage with their customers during “in-the-moment experiences,” said Bill Schneider, Urban Airship’s senior director of product marketing.

For instance, using Urban Airship’s real-time automation engine, a marketer could trigger a notification whenever a customer visits a website for the first time or makes a repeat purchase. A business could use point-of-sale data from physical stores to send receipts to a customer’s preferred channel. Or, it could tie the platform to

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