BOSTON, Mass. – January 5, 2018 – (

 ValueSetters Inc. (OTC:VSTR) has entered into a 20% net revenue agreement with Green Zebra Media to launch a joint pilot, guest Wi-Fi marketing ad manager and data analytics program.

Green Zebra offers a service that allows businesses to connect with their mobile users inside and outside of the store over a free Wi-Fi network. ValueSetters has leveraged their resources to introduce the Green Zebra product to a large network of cell phone stores, to help the cellular franchise owner communicate more effectively with its customers, increase store traffic and drive more sales with free Wi-Fi for every guest.

The key driver for the franchise owner is to automate local marketing with smarter guest Wi-Fi marketing tools. Green Zebra’s CEO, Cole Smith, said: “We expect to see store results quickly, transitioning from a few retail cellular stores to few thousand

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