CitNOW has revealed that 74% of used car consumers feel more confident in a purchase after viewing a video.

The company has advised retailers to tailor video communications to the digital habits of older car buyers as well as the younger generation after surveying 2,000 UK motorists on their viewing preferences.

The survey showed that over one-in-ten motorists (12%) who had bought a car in the last 12 months had requested a personalised video of the car without prompting, indicating consumer demand for transparent communications.

Experienced motorists aged 45 to 54 and from ‘Generation X’ are among the most receptive to video, but some will still opt to use more traditional tech for viewing, with the laptop coming out on top.

It revealed that 31% of 45 to 54 year-olds use laptops as their primary device for viewing video content, this figure rising to 33% of those aged 55 and above.

Desktop computers still attract a loyal following, with

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